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Soul Taker's Redemption is available on Amazon kindle.

Welcome to my website. This is where, you will find information on my publications as well as links to some of the awesome people I work with. If you would like to receive updates you can also subscribe to my newsletter or get in touch through the Contacts & Links page.

I have been writing a long time, but have only decided to self-publish recently when my husband offered to help - my disability restricts my functionality and I could not have self-published without his support and assistance, including building and maintaining this website, my newsletter, and helping with social media.

My work falls into the speculative fiction genre, but you will find there's a mix of fantasy, the paranormal and supernatural as well as a smattering of sci-fi. So far we have published the first and second books in my Andarean Realms Prophecies series, Prophecy's Deception and Prophecy's Quest.

Prophecy's Deception and Prophecy's Quest, are written in the style of a quest fantasy. Prophecy's Deception is about an elvan named Brynn and his first mission for the rebellion in helping to achieve freedom for his country. Prophecy's Quest follows Brynn as he seeks the key to The Prophecy. You can read more about both books on my Andarean Realms page.

My latest work is Soul Taker's Redemption, which falls into the urban or paranormal fantasy genre. The story follows dark-angel Therion, who once served the god of the Dark Realm, but switched sides and now has to adjust not only to a new master, but a completely new way of seeing the world. You can find out more on my Soul Taker Series page and even download the sample chapter via the link below.

I'd like to acknowledge Robert Crescenzio, the artist who created all the wonderful images you see on this site. You can find him on Facebook.


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