Welcome to the 2018 ASEE Mid-Atlantic Fall Conference at Brooklyn Technical High School!

October 26-27, 2018

Theme: “Making Bridges: Supporting a Vibrant and Diverse Engineering and Technology Student Body

The American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) is a premier association dedicated to promoting and improving engineering and engineering technology education. The Mid-Atlantic Section covers a broad geographic area, including New York City area, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Washington, DC to mid-State Pennsylvania.

Brooklyn Technical High School (BTHS) is pleased to invite Engineering and Engineering Technology educators, students and representatives of industry and government interested in engineering education to the 2018-ASEE Mid Atlantic Fall Conference, during October 26-27, 2018. Come to the Vibrant and Diverse Brooklyn, New York!

For more than 90 years, Brooklyn Technical High School has been a proven leader in science, technology, engineering and mathematics-based education. Tech’s administration and faculty, Parents, and the Alumni Foundation are committed in this era of tight budgets to maintain and, indeed, enhance the quality of education being offered to today’s and future generations of Techniques. Tech will extend the legacy of excellence and continue to change the world.


The ASEE Mid-Atlantic Conference is dedicated to all disciplines of engineering education. The main focus will be on fostering the exchange of ideas, enhancing teaching methods and curriculum, and providing networking opportunities for engineering, engineering technology educators, students and industry, government representatives interested in engineering education.

The conference will feature plenary speeches and regular sessions with broad coverage, and special sessions focusing on popular topics. An award will be given to the best paper.

We welcome papers and presentations on all topics related to Engineering Education including but not limited to:

  • K-12 and community college connections
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Community and business connections
  • Student research and internship opportunities

Dowload the conference flyer here.

Submission Timelines

Use the ASEE paper submission website and process.

  • Abstract Submission: September 1, 2018 September 15, 2018
  • Acceptance: September 15, 2018 September 23, 2018
  • Draft upload deadline: October 3, 2018
  • Draft decision deadline: October 10, 2018
  • Paper Submission (Published and archived through ASEE): October 26, 2018


All final accepted papers will be archived and distributed to all conference attendees. A search engine of all the papers presented will be available on ASEE website. In order for a paper to be included in the ASEE archive, the author of a submitted paper must agree to have the paper distributed (this is not a copyright release, only an agreement to distribute). Either the main author or one of the co-authors must be registered for the conference.


In order to schedule a presentation slot, at least one author (preferably the presenting author) from each accepted paper/abstract/poster must register for the conference by the Author Registration deadline. If no author for an accepted paper has registered by the deadline, the paper will be removed from the conference.

Author Responsibilities

Any person may submit to this conference, whether or not he/she is an ASEE member. The author who submits the abstract, paper or poster is responsible for adhering to all deadlines. Abstract/paper/poster information can only be edited and updated by the person who submits it.