I am a Ph.D. candidate in Strategy at INSEAD. I study informal institutions and firm performance in emerging markets. The focus is on strategy questions with implications for firms and policy-makers. While most of my projects contribute to the emerging literature in social impact, some of my projects also speak to the competitive strategy literature. My works are primarily empirical with a focus at causal identification of the relationship under investigation. The econometric analyses are supplemented by causal process observations (from field interviews with key stakeholders) and by machine learning techniques (for prediction problems).

Dissertation Committee

Jasjit Singh (Chair); Matthew Lee; Maria Guadalupe; Phanish Puranam

Research Interests

Emerging Markets Strategy; Social Impact; Competitive Strategy


2015-20: Ph.D. in Management, INSEAD, Singapore and France

2006-08: MBA, IIM Calcutta, India

2000-04: Bachelor of Technology, IIT Roorkee, India

Industry Experience

2010-15: General Manager (International Business), Lanco International, Singapore and Indonesia

2008-10: Emerging Markets Trader (Currency Options), Goldman Sachs, UK

2004-05: Junior Field Engineer (Wireline Logging), Schlumberger, USA and India