Even count peyote stitch Tutorial

Flat, even count peyote stitch tutorial


      • Beads (we suggest using Delica seed beads)
      • Size D Beading Thread like Nymo or FireLine Braided Bead Thread


      • Size 10 or 12 Beading Needles
      • Scissors

Step 1

String 5 feet (150 cm) of thread through a size 12 needle. Tie on a stop bead by picking up one bead and passing the needle and thread through the bead in the same direction so that the thread wraps around the bead. A stop bead is temporary and will be removed later. It prevents your beads from sliding off of the thread whileyou're getting started.

Step 2

To begin weaving flat, even count peyote, string an even number of beads. To weave eight columns of peyote, string eight beads on the thread. These beads will become the first two rows.

Step 3

String one bead. Skip the last bead. Pass the needle and thread through the next beads.

Step 4

String one bead. Skip one bead and pass through the next bead.

Step 5

Continue in the same way until your thread is exiting the end bead in the row.

Step 6

Start the next row by stringing one more bead. Skip over the first bead and pass through the next "up" bead, which was the last bead strung in the previous row.

Step 7

String one more bead. Skip over one beads and pass through the next "up" bead. Continue until the thread is exiting the first bead of the previous row. Four rows are now completed.

Step 8

Continue adding rows as in steps 4-6 until you reach the desired length.

Step 9

Once your thread gets too short to work with, around 3 or 4 inches (8-10 cm), finish the row you are working on, so that your thread is coming out of the edge of the beadwork.

Step 10

Work your thread back through the previous row, working back across the beadwork in a step-like pattern. After weaving through at least one row, trim off your thread tail.

Step 11

Thread a size 12 beading needle with approximately 4 feet (120 cm) of thread. Go through the bead next to the one you exited from when you ended your last piece of thread. Leave a 6 inch (15 cm) tail.

Step 12

Weave down through the row in a step-like fashion. Continue until you have exited through the last "down" beads on the opposite side.

Step 13

Continue to peyote stitch where you left off when you ended your thread.

Step 14

When you're finished weaving, remove the stop bead, thread a needle on the tail and weave the thread tail into the bracelet as described in step 10. Weave in any other remaining thread tails using the same method and trim off any excess thread.

Congratulations, you have learned the basics of flat, even count peyote stitch!