Jewelry Care


Store your beadwork in a soft cloth bag, or wrapped in a soft cloth and put into a re-sealable plastic bag. This will prevent it from becoming tangled in other pieces of jewelry, which could possibly cause beads and any exposed threads to weaken or break. Take care to avoid tossing your jewelry or dropping it onto hard surfaces to prevent any gemstones or crystals from chipping.

Prevent Tarnishing

If there are sterling silver or other precious metal beads used in the piece, a small piece of anti-tarnish paper put into the plastic bag (but not wrapped in with the jewelry itself) can prevent tarnishing. This will keep your jewelry looking bright and new.

Avoid Contact With Water

Do not wear beadwoven jewelry in a shower or when swimming, and avoid getting it wet. This can weaken and damage the thread and the beads. It can also cause some beads that are surface dyed to run and lose their color. Don't wear it to bed, and try to avoid letting it come into contact with perfume, makeup, shampoo or soap.

Avoid the Extremes

Avoid exposing your jewelry to intense heat, moisture and sunlight. All of these things can cause even the highest quality beads to fade, tarnish or even crack. If you want to display your jewelry, make sure that it is out of direct sunlight, even for a short period of time. Some vintage beads are also particularly prone to damage from sunlight, heat and moisture.

All items made by me are charged with positive emotions and happiness – take a good care of them – and they will take of you. Enjoy!