Frequently asked questions

Where is the ARC located?

910 South Hohokam Drive, Suite 105, Tempe AZ 85281

When is the ARC open?

Usually open: Wednesdays 11:00-5:00 and Saturdays 10:00-2:00.

Always closed for the month of July.

Current hours are posted at the top of this site. And our social media is always up to date, check Facebook or Instagram before making a visit.

Who can come to the ARC?

Educators and not for profit organizations are welcome to take away materials at no cost.

Artists and individuals not associated with a nonprofit are also welcome and asked to make a donation according to what the supplies are worth to them.

*16 years and older are welcome.

What forms of payment does the ARC take?

Cash, Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal.

Is there a shopping limit?

Occasionally there will be a posted limit on a donated material, but otherwise please be considerate and don't take it all - leave some for the next shopper. If your needs are greater, please ask.

What items can I donate?

Traditional art supplies, innovative art supplies, artist tools and equipment, art books, picture frames, and vintage art and supplies.

Here's a longer list - but it's still not complete.

The best way to get a thorough understanding is to make a trip to the ARC.

When can I bring in donations?

Bring artworthy items any time we are open - be sure to check first on Facebook and Instagram for our current hours!

DO NOT leave anything outside of the ARC if we are not open.

What donated items are not accepted?

Ask yourself these questions: Is it clean? Is it smelly or moldy, or has it been stored outside? Is it safe? Does it contain toxic materials or have sharp edges? Would it be more appropriate for another thrift or reuse outlet (e.g. clothing, furniture, building materials)? Is it a personal care or used medical item? Is it culturally or racially insensitive?

Here's a longer list of some items but if you still are unsure, please email artresourcenter@gmail.com.

How can I volunteer at the ARC?

Just stop by when we are open and donate a couple of hours, sorting and putting stuff away. If you are interested in setting up a community volunteer experience, contact artresourcenter@gmail.com

We are totally run by volunteers and your contribution of time and effort is appreciated.

Do you have commercial partnerships?

The ARC is open to ongoing commercial partnerships with community businesses. Contact the ARC if interested in donating artworthy surplus materials. artresourcenter@gmail.com

Do you have commercial sponsorships?

Yes - contact the ARC if interested in sponsorship. artresourcenter@gmail.com

Have a question not answered here?

Email us: artresourcenter@gmail.com