Donate Items

Bring artworthy donations during ARC open hours.

Bring artworthy items any time we are OPEN. Check the top of this site or on social media to verify before making the trip.

DONATE: Traditional art supplies, innovative art supplies, artist tools and equipment, art books, picture frames, and vintage art and supplies.

DON'T DONATE: Ask yourself these questions: Is it clean? Is it smelly or moldy, or has it been stored outside? Is it safe? Does it contain toxic materials or have sharp edges? Would it be more appropriate for another thrift or reuse outlet (e.g. clothing, furniture, building materials). Is it a personal care or used medical item? Is it culturally or racially insensitive?

If you still are unsure, please email

DO NOT leave anything if we are closed.

Click here if you would like to see a longer, more complete list of specific items.


Come volunteer a few hours or more during ARC open hours.

If you are interested in being a volunteer at the ARC and over 16 years old, just stop by when we are open. You can donate a couple of hours or come regularly. If you are interested in setting up a community volunteer experience, contact

We are totally run by volunteers and your contribution of time and effort is appreciated.

Commercial Donors

The ARC is open to ongoing commercial partnerships with community businesses.

Interested in donating artworthy surplus? Contact:

Interested in sponsorship? Contact:

Gratitude for our Commercial Donors