In making this painting I was drawn to have the sea as a backdrop to chronicle life and experience, I used the Bay of Biscay and its connection to the Celtic Sea to reflect on where I was born and where I am now.

The actual sea has been the setting of many crossings, as I had traveledby ferry many times. I relate to the connection to the environment you experience, like on a road trip, as opposed to the misrepresentation of time/space that air traveling offers.

For this, I like how surfers ride the waves, they could be obstacles they encounter, but they use this wave-obstacle to ride away and make it partof the experience, much like life.

The way I painted the surfers is reminiscent of cave paintings and rupestrian art, and ties with ways of showing and narrating life in painting.


Skiers paintings, inspired by my childhood growing up in the Catalan Pyrenees, using the most charged amount of molding paste to create the base for this paintings, which feels like cold snow. The narrow versions as well as the slopes on  linen canvas, connect the idea of a brush-stroke with the skis drawing on the snow by the skiers descending through it. Dani (prices range from €‎210 to €‎750 please email for details)

'  C  E  r  a  m  i  c  s  '       paintings & paper mache 

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