The award is given to Italian researchers operating in Denmark who received part of their education in Italy, in recognition of innovative research conducted in each of the three European Research Council (ERC) domains: Physical and Engineering Sciences (PE), Life Sciences (LS), Social Sciences and Humanities (SH).

2023 Edition - Call for applications 

Deadline: April 21st, 2023 at 6 PM

It is now possible to submit applications for the B.I.R.D. Award - 2023 Edition. 

Consult the document  at the following link to know all the details!

Winners 2022

Physical and Engineering Sciences: Francesco M. Valentino 

Social Sciences and Humanities: Laura M. Alessandretti 

Life Science: Giulia Corsi 

Winners 2021

Life Science: Lanfranco Pellesi  

Physical and Engineering Sciences: Davide Bacco 

Social Sciences and Humanities: Francesco Rosati 

Winners 2020

Life Science: Alessia Trimigno  

Physical and Engineering Sciences: Martina Fischetti 

Social Sciences and Humanities: Emanuele E. Intagliata  

Winners 2019

Life Science: Marco Donia  

Physical and Engineering Sciences: Francesco Da Ros

Social Sciences and Humanities: Andrea Baldin  

Winners 2018

Life Science: Claudia Nastasi 

Physical and Engineering Sciences: Giacomo De Palma 

Social Sciences and Humanities: Valeria Guerrieri