Arroyo Valley High School Library

Welcome to the AVHS library!

  • The Library is open to students BEFORE school, DURING LUNCH, and AFTER school.
  • To access the library during scheduled class time, students must have a valid pass from their teacher.
  • There is NO EATING in the library. During lunch, please eat in the designated lunch areas. Closed water bottles are allowed.
  • Student ID cards are preferred but not needed when check-out any items from the library.

Our Mission:

The mission of the library is to provide each student with the means to develop intellectually, academically, and socially through its print and media collections and available technologies. The library seeks to allow accessibility to a variety of diverse materials in a warm and welcoming environment.

To continually achieve its mission, the library will:

  • allow access to its materials before and after school, as well as during both lunch periods.
  • support student success by providing a space for studying, research, and reading.
  • provide instruction to individual students, teachers, and classrooms on proper research strategies in order to support students in becoming effective information consumers.
  • maintain a presence in social media to inform about important school and library related information.