Arnon Hershkovitz

Department of Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education, School of Education @ Tel Aviv University

I'm a Senior Lecturer in the Mathematics, Science and Technology Education Department, School of Education, Tel Aviv University (Israel). I'm a member of the Knowledge Technology Lab, which is part of the university's Science and Technology Educatoin Center.

My research lies in the intersection of learning, teaching, and technology. Mostly, I'm interested in the skills requested for, and shaped by, today's settings of learning and teaching, which are part of a cyberlearning ecosystem; these are studied using Learning Analytics and other methodologies. See more details in the SLICE Lab page.

Prior to my current position, I've had a wonderful 3-year period in the U.S. for a post-doctoral fellowship. I was a Post-doctoral Research Associate in the Department of Human Development at Teachers College Columbia University (NYC), under the mentorship of Prof. Ryan Baker (during which time I was also affiliated as a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center). Before that, I was part of the Science Assistments Project, directed by Prof. Janice Gobert at Worcester Polytechnic Institute(WPI), where I spent my first two years of post-doctoral fellowhip.

I'm a co-editor of Technology, Instruction, Cognition and Learning, and a past co-editor of Journal of Learning Analytics.

I've earned my Ph.D. in Science Education from the School of Education, Tel Aviv University; an M.A. in Applied Mathematics (an interdisciplinary program) and a B.A. in Mathematics and Computer Science (held by the Department of Mathematics), both from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.