About Us

The Armidale Symphony Orchestra is a community orchestra that began as the Armidale Municipal Orchestra established in 1943. It presently gives approximately three concerts each year.


President: Bruce Myers

Vice-President: Sheila Guymer

Treasurer: David Rowe

Secretary: Robert van Gend

Librarians: Sheila Guymer and Christine Davidson

Publicity Officer: Robert Jackson

General Committee Members:
Sue Metcalfe
Sharon Davidge
Malcolm Liddell
Michelle Guppy

Postal Address

P.O. Box 1055, Armidale NSW 2350

Kerry Hawkins Award

Kerry Hawkins was a committed member of the Armidale Symphony Orchestra for 35 years until her untimely death in 2012. Initially a violinist, Kerry took up the French horn in the 1970s and became an accomplished player of that instrument. Her passion for the horn led her to be a mentor for many younger players whom she inspired with her skill and love of music. Kerry also served on the orchestra committee for many years as an efficient and dedicated librarian. The award is in recognition of Kerry’s lifetime of dedicated service to the Armidale Symphony Orchestra. The Kerry Hawkins Award is made annually to a playing member of the orchestra who shows outstanding  commitment and dedication throughout the year.

Criteria and Procedures


2012    Maurice Anker
2013    Colin Sholl
2014    Chris Cunningham
2015    Jacqui Thompson and Alana Blackburn
2016    Dave Brown
2017    Robert Jackson
2018    Laura Curotta
2019    Stuart Pavel
2020    No Award due to COVID
2021    Joanna Fairs Wu
2022    Eliza Scott and James McKay
2023    Sharon Davidge

Orchestra Members

The following is a file of people who have played in the Armidale Symphony Orchestra. It includes the dates of when people first played with the orchestra where known. Orchestra members

Presidents Reports

The annual Presidents Reports contain many details of the orchestra's past activities. Click on the following to download a file.

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