NEXT WORKSHOP June 1st, 2024

Lessons from The Wizard of Oz
This workshop explores Dorothy’s journey after she is hit on the head by the window of opportunity and what she learns from the trials and tribulations she encounters with the witch and the wizard. You can attend this workshop every time I offer it and receive something new and interesting which you didn’t notice before.

Lessons from The Miller’s Daughter

 This workshop explores the story of an ancient Grimm’s Fairy Tale helping you recover from trauma and betrayal in your life. This workshop teaches resilience, hope, and re-creation of the life you choose. Pathways to Healing, Pathways to Change, and Pathways to Happiness are three different workshops with a variant thread in each of them, but always includes a labyrinth walk as the key component in the workshop. 

Walk a Deliberate Path

This workshop is an intention focused workshop that is often offered around the new year or close to a summer or winter equinox. This workshop helps you sort and sift through the many distractions of daily life and commitments, weeding out those which no longer serve you. This allows you to simplify and renew the direction in which you want the next step to be. Again, this is a workshop you can attend repeatedly because the agenda is tweaked and a bit different in each workshop.