Aris Chalin


Aris Chalin is an international award winning jazz pianist and keyboardist at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo Michigan. He has played at several musical events both locally and abroad. Aris was a member of the Downbeat award-winning jazz combo So Fly Zone, the top band at the esteemed Community High Jazz Program. He has performed and played alongside many jazz musicians, such as Paul Finkbeiner, the Emmet Cohen Trio, and the Paul Keller Orchestra.

Aris frequently collaborates with other young musicians to make music. He recently performed at Ann Arbor's Art Fair with Clarence Collins and Company and The Johnson Quartet. He is based in Kalamazoo MI, and travels around Michigan to perform in different venues around the area. He has performed at venues such as Hill Auditorium, Blue LLama Jazz Club, and the North American International Auto Show COBO Center in Detroit.

Awards & Accomplishments

Two-time Pianist of Community High Jazz's Top Combo

2018 International Downbeat Magazine's "Best Youth Jazz Combo"

2018 Western Michigan Jazz Festival's Outstanding Combo

2019 Western Michigan Jazz Festival's Outstanding Big Band

2018 Western Michigan Jazz Festival Soloist Honorable Mention

3x 2019 Western Michigan Jazz Festival Soloist Honorable Mention

Keyboardist in Minor Element, Clarence Collins & Company, The Jamal Harding Group

11 years of piano study