We are a grass-roots group in Arlington, MA working to ensure that redevelopment is in the best interests of our residents and businesses.

We are committed to supporting accountable government, affordable housing, a robust business sector, and protecting neighborhoods and our natural environment.


~ Launching the ARFRR Blog. Please visit it to stay informed about hot topics, including proposed changes to existing Zoning Bylaws, and other redevelopment plans.

~ Studying the Arlington Heights Neighborhood Action Plan, a set of suggestions created by the Metropolitan Area Planning Council, which intends to lay the ground work for urbanizing the Heights business districts. It was based on the assumed passage of the Town’s density Articles at 2019 Annual Town Meeting. The Town continues to promote the AHNAP despite the resounding failure of those Articles at ATM, and the absence of any current Zoning Bylaws which would allow it to be enacted.

~ Advocating for the creation of affordable housing, protecting "naturally occurring" affordable housing, commercial development, and the preservation of green space.

~ Working to defeat H3507, the proposed state legislation which would remove the 2/3rds majority needed for zoning changes and replace it with a simple majority.


ARFRR was formed in response to a suite of Articles submitted to 2019 Annual Town Meeting by the Arlington Redevelopment Board and the Department of Planning and Community Development, under the guidance of the Metropolitan Area Planning Council. These Articles sought to allow much greater density in higher-density residential and all business districts, and would have given density bonuses to builders with no requirement to provide affordable units for smaller projects. We attended meetings, formulated responses, made presentations, and conducted outreach to Town Meeting Members and the general public. The Articles were voted "No Action" by Town Meeting at the recommendation of the ARB, as a result of resident concerns.


ARFFR is made up of long-time members and chairs of various official committees and boards in Arlington; Town Meeting members; volunteers dedicated to a variety of causes; homeowners, renters, landlords; parents of students in the Arlington public schools; a couple of professors of economics; environmental, affordable housing, and public school advocates; engineers, scientists, writers, a graphic designer, an artist, an attorney—all of whom care greatly about the future of our town and have collectively spent decades working for a better, more-inclusive, affordable Arlington.

We connected at public forums and hearings in 2018, as we discovered we shared similar views and concerns about redevelopment proposals for Arlington. We formed ARFRR to study the issues and develop alternate suggestions for redevelopment that prioritize affordability, preserving and expanding our commerical tax base, and protecting our green space.