Welcome to ARFRR - Arlington Residents For Responsible Redevelopment

ARFRR - Arlington Residents For Responsible Redevelopment - a grass-roots group of residents and business owners who want to make sure that our Town pursues responsible redevelopment. We worked recently to help make sure Arlington was aware of the pro-density agenda advocated by Town Administration. We will be working in the coming months to make sure that we residents and businesses are adequately involved and represented. Town officials have indicated they will push again to add density, urbanization - with no net positive for existing residents, businesses and taxpayers.

See our Arlington Affordability page for more. It is cheaper to live in Arlington than in all but one of the contiguous towns and cities surrounding us. Arlington is essentially already the 'affordable place'. Cambridge, Somerville, Lexington, Belmont, and Winchester are all more expensive to rent or own a home in.

NEWS: Pro-density Articles 6-16 momentarily stopped. Thank you for your part in this!

Thanks to the efforts of concerned residents and Town Meeting Members, the Arlington Redevelopment Board (ARB) withdrew all but one of the density Articles . They vowed, however, to try again next year.

So what now / what's next?

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Watch the video of the Town withdrawing the Articles from Town Meeting here:

ARB Chair Andrew Bunnell changes the Town's recommendation to "NO ACTION" (on the Articles they submitted). He states he still believes the Article should be pushed through but invites residents to be part of the process developing the articles next time. You can see the debate that caused Town Meeting on April 22 to turn against the pro-density Articles here.

PETITION UPDATE: Over 200 residents and businesses have already signed the petition to ask Town Meeting and Officials to say NO to Articles 6-16! Click here to read some of the (anonymous) comments from the petition signers. ARFRR announced petition results to Town Meeting at Session 1 of 2019 Town Meeting and will continue to press for responsible redevelopment based on the comments of signers of the petition.

WATCH THE VIDEO: Upzoning threatens all of us who already live somewhere, regardless of race, income...or how funny we are!

This video describes what's going on in Boston now -- which is what Arlington faced. Watch for Morgan Freeman, and enjoy!

CLICK the video link ; no need to join Facebook to watch.