ARE Management

Striving to Enrich Lives.

ARE Management believes that if the tenants are happy in their home and place of work, the landlords will be able to enjoy the things that matters most to them also.

Our commitment at ARE Management is to take care of owners‘ properties as though they were our own children and family. We understand that rental properties are an investment of your time and efforts to making them succeed in the world. Professional property management helps preserve the youth and vitality of your property.

We promise to maintain the property and lower any repair cost by personally supervising the projects.

We will enforce lease agreements to ensure owners are getting the most value every month.

ARE Management works closely with residents and commercial tenants to ensure the are doing well and maintaining their lease agreement. We are also here to give the tough news when tenants are not able to keep their commitments to the owners.


Income Generation

  • Maximize the owner’s investment through reduced vacancies and tenant placements

  • Modern marketing and sales to maintain full capacity

  • Market rate rentals

  • Enforce leasing policies

Provide Stress Free Ownership

  • Collect and deposit rents

  • Create monthly bank statements

  • Provide annual financials for your tax accountants

  • Interview and conduct background checks for rental candidates

  • Supervise maintenance and repair issues

  • Handle any evictions

  • Property and Asset Management

Property Preservation

Performance Plans

Upon transition, ARE Management will create a Performance Plan to improve and maximize the property and community’s value. This will include: a thorough inspection of the property, demographics evaluation, budget review, market conditions and other factors needed to develop and implement a short term and long term plan.