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The Neabsco Magisterial District cuts across two Virginia House of Delegates Districts, the 52nd and the 31st. Neabsco voters residing in the 52nd House District will have one more choice to make than what is shown in this sample ballot, as there is a primary in that district as well.

Irrespective of which House District you reside in, be sure to vote for Aracely Panameño.

El distrito magisterial de Neabsco atraviesa dos distritos para la Asamblea de Delegados de Virginia, el 52 y el 31. Los votantes registrados de Neabsco que residen en el distrito 52 tendrán que votar por una persona más en su papeleta electoral ya que ahí también hay primaria.

Vea aquí un ejemplar de la papeleta electoral y vote por Aracely Panameño.

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Donde se puede votar el 11 de junio por Aracely?

Ver la sección en inglés titulada Neabsco District para encontrar la lista de los precintos y las direcciones.

Aracely Panameño has been a Prince William County resident for more than 33 years. She is a consumer, health, and civil rights advocate. Her advocacy on behalf of county residents includes fighting for an elected school board and for homelessness prevention at the height of the foreclosure crisis.

Her career is fighting for affordable housing, in both the rental and homeownership space, and fighting against predatory lending practices in financial markets that strip income and equity away from working people.

You can still support our efforts. We need volunteers on Primary Day. If you want to join the Progressive Democrat in this contest, contact us at

Campaign Assistant/

Canvasser (2)


Reporting to the Campaign Manager, the campaign assistant/canvasser will implement on-the ground outreach efforts in support of the Aracely4Neabsco campaign. S/he will work independently to canvass neighborhoods in 11 precincts and distribute candidate information in the Neabsco District.

The Prince William County Board of Supervisors needs to represent and provide equitable opportunity for all its residents.

Quality Education:

We must ensure excellent educational opportunities for all our students. Every child who desires to go to college must be provided quality preparation to do so. If students elect not go to college, quality job-training opportunities that provide skills and placement in well-paying jobs must be offered.

Affordable Housing:

Development is everywhere in PWC, especially in the Neabsco District. It is important that this development benefits middle and working class families. The people who provide everyday services in the county should be able to afford to live here.

Affordable Transportation:

The tolls on I95 and I66 are making the commute to work outrageously expensive or excruciatingly long. PWC residents should not have to choose between spending money they cannot afford or sitting in traffic for hours. We must work with Richmond to get a more equitable toll system and public transit improvements.

If you vote in the following voting places, you will be able to cast a ballot for Aracely Panameño during the Democratic Primary on June 11, 2019.

Si usted regularmente vota en los siguientes lugares, usted podrá votar por Aracely Panameño en las Elecciones Primarias del 11 de junio del 2019.

601 Dale Precinct, Dale City Elementary, 14450 Brook Drive

602 Beville Precinct, Beville Middle, 4901 Dale Boulevard

603 Hampton Precinct, Hampton Middle, 14800 Darbydale Avenue

604 Gideon Precinct, All Saints Church of Woodbridge, 14851 Gideon Drive

605 Minnieville Precinct, Minnieville Elementary, 13639 Greenwood Drive

606 Bel Air Precinct, Bel Air Elementary, 14151 Ferndale Road

607 Kerrydale Precinct, Kerrydale Elementary, 13199 Kerrydale Road

608 Enterprise Precinct, Enterprise Elementary, 13900 Lindandale Road

609 King Precinct, King Elementary, 13224 Nickleson Drive

610 Fitzgerald Precinct, Fitzgerald Elementary, 15500 Benita Fitzgerald Drive

611 Neabsco Precinct, First United Presbyterian Church, 14391 Minnieville Road

Aracely4Neabsco, P.O. Box 7924, Woodbridge, VA 22195