an immersive arts/science virtual reality world

Explore microscopic messengers of time inspired by micropaleontology and plankton research!

What if there were creatures on earth that were relatively unknown, yet they were responsible for all the freshwater on the planet?

Can ancient forms of plankton from over 10,000 years ago help us understand the future of freshwater ecology?

Sound like a scifi movie? Actually, these are the realities of real world plankton!

We seek to have direct positive impact on the future of freshwater ecology by viscerally engaging youth 7 to 18 at the micro-scale of unseen phytoplankton and zooplankton in order to gain first-hand experience about the drama of underwater life and its potentials for environmental impact. We feel certain that this work will have far reaching influence as it sets a new bar for excellence in VR game-art and science educational environment projects in museums and online.