June 8-12, 2023

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Latest Updates!

Cottage Availability for the Reunion

It appears there may be 1-2 cottages available to rent for the reunion weekend in Tullycross.  Any alumni interested in renting one of the cottages may contact Anne Jack at Anne.Jack@connemara-west.ie or 353 095 43464

Maol Reidh Hotel Update

The Maol Reidh Hotel in Tullycross has changed ownership and has been closed for renovations since October.  The new owner has informed us that a limited number of rooms will be available for the reunion.  Any alumni interested in a room at the hotel may contact the owner via email at Booking@Brunamara.com

Group Travel Update

As of March 1,  the group travel option for flights is no longer available.  Alumni must arrange their own flights to/from Ireland.  Witte Travel and Tours is still available to assist with individual bookings and may be reached at www.WitteTravel.com or 616-942-5112

Book Your Accommodations Soon!

Accommodations in Tullycross are booking up fast! Our contacts in Ireland indicate that most accommodations within walking distance from the village have been reserved.  Please review our accommodation recommendations list under the Accommodations tab.  Of note, there are several apartments in Letterfrack that are managed by Love Connemara Cottages that are reasonably priced and in the heart of the village within walking distance of the pubs, restaurants and market. 

If you can’t find something within easy walking distance to Tullycross, the planning committee is also working on securing local transportation to and from the pubs so people can get home safely after a night of pints and great craic.  

List of Alumni Registered For The Reunion

Our goal is to have at least one alumni from each study year attend the reunion events, and several alumni and their guests are already registered for the reunion.  A list of alumni that are planning to attend the reunion events, either in Ireland or on the Aquinas campus, are listed under the Reunion Events tab. We expect this list to grow in the weeks and months ahead, so if you are making plans to attend either event be sure to register under the RSVP tab.

We Need Your Photos!

While a few program alumni have uploaded photos from their time in Ireland, we definitely would like more.  Our goal is to have a large collection of photos from each year of the program, so if you're willing to share yours it would be greatly appreciated. The shared photo albums from each study year can be found under the About The Program tab.  For those that may need assistance in digitizing their photo prints, this issue is addressed under the FAQs tab.

   Event Information

The Ireland Program Steering Committee is developing plans to celebrate the 50th anniversary of  the program's inception with our friends in Ireland from June 8 - 12, 2023The events being held in Tullycross will be finalized in the months leading up to the  reunion and regular updates will be provided on this website.  A tentative schedule of events can be found by clicking on the  Reunion Events tab at the top of this page and selecting Tullycross Itinerary from the drop down menu.  A list of alumni that are registered to attend the reunion in Ireland can be found on this page and will be updated regularly.

On-Campus Reunion

For those unable to travel to Ireland to attend the reunion in Tullycross, plans are being made to hold a simultaneous reunion event on  Saturday, June 10, 2023 on the Aquinas College campus.  During this event, plans are to live stream with attendees celebrating in Ireland.  Information regarding the on-campus reunion will be provided on this website as plans develop.  For information on the On-Campus reunion, click on the Reunion Events tab at the top of this page and select On-Campus Reunion from the drop down menu.  A list of alumni that are registered to attend the reunion on the Aquinas College campus can be found on this page and will be updated regularly.

How to RSVP

Register to attend the reunion events, either in Tullycross or on the Aquinas College campus.  Click on the RSVP tab at the top of this page and let us know if you will be traveling to Ireland or attending the on-campus reunion.  You may also update your contact information on the RSVP tab so that you can be certain to receive regular updates on the reunion.

Travel Planning

Alumni planning to travel to Ireland for the reunion will need to make their own flight reservations.  If arriving on June 8th and/or departing on June 12th, arrangements are being made for bus service to/from Tullycross on those dates.  More information will be published soon for this option.


Reunion attendees will be responsible for booking their own accommodations.  We have included information on local hotels, bed and breakfasts, holiday rentals, and hostels in the Tullycross and surrounding areas in order to provide a wide variety of lodging options.  For information on accommodations, click on the Travel Info link at the top of this page and select Accommodations from the drop down menu.

Local Transportation in Tullycross

For those in need of local transportation while in Ireland, arrangements will be made to provide shuttle type service to/from events in Tullycross.  Ride sharing among alumni will also be encouraged. More information on local transportation will be provided on this website as reunion plans develop in the months and weeks leading up to the event.

Shared Photo Albums

To view and share photos from your time in Ireland, click on the About the Program tab at the top of this page and select Photo Albums from the drop down menu.  Scroll to view your classmates photos from your study year and follow the directions to upload and label your own photos.

Class Lists

A list of students, faculty and children of faculty that participated in the program each year since 1972 can be accessed on the Class Lists link under the About The Program tab at the top of this page. We can use your help to update the class lists from each study year to assure 100% accuracy.  Information on how to submit corrections can be found on each class list page.

Reunion Updates

Updates on reunion plans will be provided on this website, via email messages to program alumni, and on the reunion Facebook group (see link at the bottom of this page).  

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