Trapping Pieces

1 ) Trapping Bishop

2 ) Dont move Queen early , if you do so you will lose Queen or you will lose time to save your Queen from minor pieces attack

3 ) Trapping white's Bishop by moving Qb6

4 ) Trapping the Knight

5 ) Trapping the Bishop

6 ) After pawn push to e4, black's Knight trapped and also attacking to Bishop

7 ) Make your opponent to move same piece

8 ) Trapping the Rook

9 ) Trapping the queen

10 ) Becarefull about Bishop trap

11 ) Bishop is better than Knight , so in this position Nb4 to attack on Bishop, Bishop dont have square to escape.

12 ) Bishop attacks to Queen on Bg5 , there is no one square to escape, so black must lose Knight.

13) Trapping the Queen- 1

14 ) Trapping the Knight-2

So Knight should be careful before entering into opponent's camp. Its like Abhimanyu in Mahabharata

15 ) Pawn undefended and Decoy Trick - Opponent's Friendly piece itself blocked from everywhere and Its Rook stuck inside , So black takes this as new opportunity and captured pawn and Rook.

16 ) Trapping the Queen- If Queen moves to g2 then Bf1 , later on no safe square the Queen.