APMAR 2023

The 15th Asia-Pacific Workshop on Mixed and Augmented Reality (APMAR2023)

 2023, 8/18-8/19 (TAICHI 2023 collocation)

Over the past few decades, mixed and augmented reality (MR/AR) has evolved from experimental and research technologies to have a significant impact on various industries and society worldwide. The applications of MR/AR have become more practical, diverse, and sophisticated, enabling us to experience the digital world in a more intuitive, interactive, and immersive way. 

The Asia-Pacific Workshop on Mixed and Augmented Reality (APMAR) continues the legacy of the Korea-Japan Workshop on Mixed Reality (KJMR) which started in 2008. Since its expansion in 2016, APMAR has been at the forefront of promoting mixed reality research and collaborations in the Asian/Oceanic region. The workshop offers a unique opportunity to showcase research, exchange practical experiences, and engage with experts in the field.

APMAR 2023 will continue in the tradition of the previous year's successful event by being held as a hybrid event (both on-site and online) on August 18-19th, 2023. This year, the workshop will be held in conjunction with TAICHI 2023, creating valuable opportunities for attendees to share research findings and practical experiences in the mixed reality field in an informal and collaborative setting.


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