The Apex is conveniently located on First Avenue, just north of Pike Place Market.  Close to buses, shopping, restaurants, pubs, museums, parks, ferries, and much more.  Looking for responsible, trustworthy, friendly, and easy-going adults.  Current residents include artists, musicians, longshore worker, writers, chefs, bakers, students, laborers, non-profiteers, professionals, etc. The Apex Belltown Co-op is an equal opportunity housing provider.

All new residents are selected by the current residents.  All who live here chip in about 10-20 hours a month to participate in the upkeep of the cooperative through attending meetings, performing weekly housekeeping chores, and participating in our twice yearly co-op cleaning weekends


The Apex Co-op is an affordable housing community where people must be able to live and work well with others.  We look for people who are harmonious, have strong communication skills, and have had positive experiences with group living and conflict resolution.  We want those who are able to contribute to the co-op, who will participate, and ask for a two year commitment.  Managing the co-op requires a variety of practical skills, talents, and aptitudes so we seek to have a diversity of skill sets among our members. 


Triple-size rooms (~350 square feet)

Double-size rooms (~225 square feet)

Zen-size rooms (~110 square feet)

A zen-size room is available at this time.

We have a COVID--conscientious application process

On-site tours required before interviewing.

Some things to know about Belltown and life at the Co-op:
It can be very noisy at night until quite late (our block includes several popular nightclubs). Apex rooms that face 1st Avenue (and other rooms to a lesser degree) experience this noise. There is no free parking within at least a mile; paid parking close to Apex is hundreds of dollars a month. For transparency, Belltown is an urban setting. There is drug use, car break-ins, houseless folks, etc. in the neighborhood, and sounds outside persist at night.
The Co-op is pet friendly, and applicants should be comfortable living among pets. Our pet policy gets renegotiated periodically, and the community does its best to accommodate members with pet allergies.

There are also children who permanently and periodically live here, and applicants should be comfortable living among children.
The Co-op has regular bedbug inspections and two annual cleaning parties to keep the building free of pests.
The building is sturdy but old, and stuff sometimes breaks. The Co-op has systems in place for repairs, which can often take time.
Please take the above into consideration before submitting an application.

3rd Floor Lounge

Alley view of The Apex


There are certain expectations of those people who choose to be members of the Apex Belltown Co-op, including the following:

· Actively participate as a member of the Apex community.

· Attend the General Membership Meeting on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 7 PM.

· Serve on the Apex Board of Directors at least once every three years.

· Actively participate in one of three committees: Building, Finance, or Membership.

· Attend your chosen committee's monthly meetings and take-on tasks.

· Complete your assigned weekly chore by Sunday at 6 PM.

· Actively participate in upkeep of your kitchen, including agreed upon chores.

· Voluntarily participate in organized work projects.

· Take leadership when needed and act as a homeowner with the future of the Apex in mind.

· Respect fellow members at all times. 

· Adhere to quiet hours after 10 PM on weeknights.

· Pay your carrying charge by the 5th of the month.  (See Costs section below.)

· Purchase your membership share within seven months.  (See Costs section below.)

· Personal commitment of at least two years residence and membership.  (Training new members to effectively participate in management of the co-op takes time and effort, so we seek members who plan to stick around.)


The co-op consists of two floors with 21 individual units:

3 singles (Zen units), approximately 110 sq. ft.

14 doubles, approximately 225 sq. ft.

4 triples, approximately 350 sq. ft.

10 units are on the second floor, 11 units are on the third floor. 

Each unit has its own sink, intercom, and mailbox.  Each member is assigned a kitchen with refrigerator, freezer, cupboard, and shelf space in one of the four kitchens.  There are two kitchens per floor and one washer and dryer per floor. 

Each floor has a community lounge. The lounges are where we have our social gatherings and meetings. 

A community deck is located on the roof with a lovely view of Puget Sound and the Space Needle. On clear days, Mt. Rainier can be seen peeking over the city. There is space for communal gardening for members that are interested.

The co-op does not have any parking available.  There is paid street parking, but the nearest free street parking about a mile away.  Rental parking in the neighborhood is available, with costs upwards of $100 a month.

The only storage outside of individual units available is bike parking and a single small shelf for each of the Zen units.  If you have furniture that you would like to donate to our common areas please consult with the membership before moving it in.

Shared common spaces summary: 4 kitchens, 8 bathrooms, 2 laundry closets, 2 lounges, and 1 rooftop deck.


When you join the Apex, you must buy a share in the co-op.  The share price is currently $3,514.  Upon purchase of the share you become a part-owner of the co-op.  If you move out, you must sell your share back to the membership at the share price as of your move out date.

Apex Co-op shares cannot be sold on the open market and their value is adjusted annually based on an inflation formula.  To secure your membership, at least ¼ of the share price must be paid up front, currently $878.50.  The remaining cost, currently $2,635.50, is payable over a seven month period.

In addition to the share price, members must pay a monthly carrying charge. This covers costs at the Apex such as utilities, building upkeep, and loan payments.  The current carrying charge rates* are:

Single (Zen): $381/month

Double: $634/month

Triple: $857/month

*Regardless of room size, there is an additional monthly fee of 25% the cost of a Double (currently $159) per roommate.

Yes, this is quite a good deal! But what makes this good deal possible is the work the co-op members put into managing the property.  Membership is a blessing and a responsibility with one benefit being greatly reduced living expenses.


Finalists will be interviewed by invitation, the date is still to be determined.

1. Fill out a free membership application: at this link. Email us at for any questions we can answer.

2. Applications will be reviewed, we will communicate whether you are selected for an interview or not with the date and time of the interview.

3. We will reach out to your references and find a time for you to tour the Apex.

4. We will interview and let you know our decision the day of interview. All interviews for openings will take place on the same date and will last about 30-40 minutes each. If approved for membership, your acceptance must be confirmed by a share price deposit equal to one quarter of the share price (currently $878.50) to be paid within one week of acceptance.


If you decide to leave the co-op, it is required that you give a minimum of 3 full calendar months notice.  As a departing member you are responsible for the monthly carrying charges and chores for the duration of this notice.  This long departure notice is necessary due to the time it takes to give prospective members tours and interview applicants.  Your share price refund is calculated after those 3 full months have passed, pending the successful checkout of the room and kitchen space.  Refunds are not given sooner than 90 days after posting to move out; your member balance is calculated the month after physically moving out and ending the 3-month notice requirement of your membership.  

For example, a member giving notice before July 1st would be expected to continue their co-op duties until the end of September, regardless of when they physically move out.  Their share price refund would be calculated during October, after their account balance has closed and their membership has officially ended.


Subletting is allowed, but not encouraged.  We expect that every member will be a participating resident except for limited amounts of time.  Subletters must be interviewed and approved by the membership and cannot assume responsibility for a member's obligations. 

 2nd Floor Lounge Kitchen

Eastern 2nd Floor Kitchen