Apex Belltown Co-op

Apex Co-op: We Own It!

1 Vacancy for February 1st -- Check out the Live page for more information.

Current openings are for 1 “double-sized" room, with monthly carrying charges of $634 (will be subject to change Jan 1 upon approval of 2023 budget in December). Email apexcoop@gmail.com to request a tour for consideration; an application will be provided after the tour.

Way more than just another roomie situation, the Apex Belltown Co-op is a tight community at First & Bell. Where cooperative-minded folks, including artists, craftspersons, activists, longshoremen, musicians, poets, plumbers, geeks, and all sorts of other good people have owned and managed the building together since 1984!

The co-op consists of two floors with 21 individual units: 10 units are on the second floor, 11 units are on the third floor. Each floor has a community lounge. The lounges are where we have our potlucks, parties, and meetings. There is also a community deck located on the roof, with a little space for communal gardening. Please look at the other pages for more info (links at top of page). All new residents are hand-selected by the current residents.

View of Puget Sound

1909 Construction

Roof Deck

All who live here chip in about 10-20 hours a month to participate in the upkeep of the cooperative. In addition to your financial commitment to the co-op (described on the Live at Apex page of this website), there is also a sizable work commitment involved in living here. Your co-op duties should be a willing priority in your life, not an afterthought or something squeezed in or performed grudgingly.

​If you are interested, please head over to the “Live At Apex” page.

Accessibility advisory: Unfortunately there is not an elevator and the co-op is on the 2nd and 3rd stories of a 3-story building, so there is a minimum of one flight of stairs to get to the co-op.

Note on fun: The co-op is a social, fun, and pleasant home with parties, game nights, craft nights, etc., but we want all applicants to be clear on the responsibility side of things.

A potluck spread

3rd floor hallway

Rooftop view of Elliott Bay