Purchase & Licensing

AnTracks licences are single-site, non-expiring, at a price of USD 799. Additional licenses are discounted as follows:

License Number Price (USD)

1st 799

2nd 479

3rd 289

4th 179

5th+ 99

Prices are in US Dollars and exclude any local sales tax that may apply.

Former collaborators please inquire for a discount.

UPDATE: since I have no time anymore to maintain or update AnTracks, I have made it freeware.

Feel free to download it here. The non-commercial parts of the License Agreement still apply, so please keep citing AnTracks in any publications of work that was using AnTracks.

Lastly, thank you to everybody who has used AnTracks over the years, provided feedback, both constructive and laudatory. It has been a great time for me as well and I was glad to see the many scientific advances that it helped come to fruition.