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About me:

I am a postdoctoral fellow at the Fields Institute within the current thematic program on Randomness and Geometry  (January 1 - June 30, 2024) My research area is geometric group theory with two main topics: boundaries of finitely generated groups, and non-positively curved complexes, such as CAT(0) cube complexes and systolic complexes. 


I completed my PhD in geometric group theory in spring 2020 under the supervision of Petra Schwer at the Karlsruhe of Institute of Technology. Tobias Hartnick was my second supervisor. Afterwards I worked with Nir Lazarovich at the Technion in Israel (2020 -2022). I was then a CRM postdoctoral fellow at McGill University under the supervision of Piotr Przytycki and Daniel Wise (2022-2023). I was a Ross Assistant Professor at the Ohio State University in autumn 2023 working with Jean-François Lafont and Jingyin Huang and will return to the Ohio State University in autumn 2024.

Before my PhD, I did research in graph theory.


I will return to Ohio State University in August 2024. 


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Advisors: Petra Schwer, Tobias Hartnick

Advisors: Maria Axenovich and Torsten Ueckerdt

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