Ages 8 to 12Educational Fiction


Billy Quinn turns ten years old and is now able to travel with his parents to Egypt, the land of the pharaohs. In Egypt, he meets a boy his own age who is going to teach him some hieroglyphic symbols.

His new friend, Corey, is the son of an Egyptologist. He takes Billy into a newly discovered underground tomb. They search the dark musty tunnels, discover treasure, hide from mummies, and find danger.

Their adventure turns into a dire situation with a desperate search for a way out. Why is there someone after them? How will Billy get away from a real pharaoh?

Help Billy and Corey solve this mystery by finding clues in the sketches at the end of each chapter. Learn to read the hieroglyphs. They hold secrets.

This is a fun story that is based on fact. You will learn many fascinating things while you help Billy and Corey escape the tomb.


in a magical land at a magical time of the year, Claude Claus finds himself in a desperate situation. He has no choice but to take off at the busiest time of the year to travel to the North Pole.

The only person he can go to for help is his brother, Santa. The only problem is that they haven't seen each other for many years because of a disagreement. Will Santa agree to help him? Will there be time?

Depending on what happens, Christmas might end in a different way than usual . . . without presents.

**There are puzzles at the end of the story.