My research focuses on international and intrastate security, with current focus on conflicts in the Middle East, and especially the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Currently, I am focusing on three themes.

First, I study how exposure to violence affects attitudes and behavior of individuals, and how it shapes government policy. My focus has so far been on the Israeli case, and on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Second, I also explore the impact of refugees on their host countries. I have been studying the Syrian refugees in Turkey, and in particular questions regarding the impact of refugees on political attitudes of the local population and challenges related to refugees' integration.

Recently, I have also been working on the connection between military technology and conflict participation. I am working on a book manuscript that focuses on the question of how technologies that reduce the risk to combatants affect support for conflict at the individual level among citizens, military professionals, and political elites.

Prior to LSE, I taught at the University of Essex (UK), the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (Israel), and Carnegie Mellon University (USA). I hold PhD in Politics from New York University. A link to my full CV is below.