You've arrived in the realm of tinkering with words... 

Moose Bones? 

I've been puttering away at my next book. The working title is Moose Bones, but that is likely to change. I started calling it that because a bone I found on the beach in Twillingate was identified by 2 locals as a moose bone. And it got me wondering, why did I find a moose bone on this isolated beach. My imagination took over and I created a rather sinister reason which never really made it into the book. But I digress. On that same trip to Twillingate I bought a seal fur bracelet at the Durrell Museum. Somehow the moose bone and the bracelet got tangled up and turned into a story that starts with an ancient spirit girl who really wants to go back home. Along came Brigid, who started nudging me to tell her story as well. And then the Good Folk of Ireland began knocking at the door. I've been reading tomes of Irish folklore, books on the sealing industry in Newfoundland, researching the pagan roots of St. Brigid, have learned to weave a 3-legged cross from grass stalks, and trying to console a fictitious child who's best friend died right in front of her. 

As of today (mid March, 2023), I am 33K words in to this strange tale, and I'm quite enjoying it. Of course my big hope is that it will become a printed book and you too can enjoy it. 

A New Chapter - 2023 begins

As of December 30, I will be retired from my job at Annapolis Valley Regional Library. I moved to Canada in 2005 to start a job there as the Youth Services Librarian. I moved "up" to Community Engagement Coordinator, and then took on the Acting CEO job for 7 months. Now it is time to turn the page (yes I am milking this metaphor). 

I've been driving 45 minutes each way to work for the past 7 years. My body is tired of that, and my mental health will improve when I do not have to drive on icy roads this winter. The past few years have taken a toll on many in the public sector, and librarians are rethinking the profession far and wide. I am happy to turn in my keys and let the younger librarians drive this bus. Ok now I am mixing metaphors. Please excuse my slightly disorganized thoughts. 

What's next, everyone asks. I have a few plans-- I promised to make a quilt for my BFF. I started another book, and now I will have time to devote to that. I really haven't had much energy or time to even think about the book in the past 7 months. The CEO job has been much More than I expected, and I am happy to let it go. 

I want to do something with children's books, especially picture books. I have ideas and am willing to be a hired Idea person. I might start a small-business consulting project. But my first plan is to read, write, drink tea, sew, and actually enjoy snow instead of dread it. I might start a newsletter. Whatever I do, it will not be driving 5 days a week to a job in an office. 

I'm ready to try a different thing. I've been working since I was 15, when I got a job as a waitress at the Wartrace Cafe. I worked in fast food, in a factory, planted tobacco, as a weaver, in bookstores, sold beadwork and bulgar burgers, and finally, in libraries. Once I got to libraries I found my Thing. And now, it is time to find a different Thing. 

Stay tuned.  More to come? We'll see what 2023 has in store.