Andrew Tedder

I am a PhD Candidate in the Philosophy Department at the University of Connecticut. My primary research interests are in logic and early modern philosophy.

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My dissertation is on the subject of Descartes on necessity. Much of Descartes' writing indicates that necessary truths play an important role in his foundational epistemological project. However, famously, he holds a thesis commonly called the creation doctrine, according to which God could have made any necessary truth false. This makes it appear as though every necessary truth could be false, which is at least a tension, if not an outright contradiction. In the dissertation, I bring modern formal tools in modal and non-classical logics to provide an account of Descartes' modal metaphysics, with an attempt to render his total view coherent.

Erdös number:

5 [K. Peacock - J. Woods - D. Gabbay - S. Shelah - P. Erdös]

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