I have taught several courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. I currently regularly teach Intermediate Microeconomics, Game Theory and Personnel Economics (at the Undergraduate level) and Applied Microeconometrics and Managerial Economics (at the Graduate level)  

Current Course

ECON 7100: Economics for the Global Executive (online)

Spring 2024

This course provides an introduction to the basic ideas and tools of economics analysis and their application to business managerial issues. We will examine the decisions of firms and consumers, as well as the role of government, and explore how their interactions determine market outcomes. We will identify and analyze a variety of market structures, ranging from perfect competition to oligopoly (rivalry between a small number of competitors) to monopoly (one dominant firm). Our ultimate goal is to gain a deeper understanding of markets, to gain an intuitive sense of the economic way of thinking that is applicable in a competitive environment, and to develop skills for making effective managerial decisions and strategic choices based on the analysis of the firm’s productive capabilities and its market.

ECON 4550/6550: Game Theory and Strategy

Spring 2024

This course will provide students with an introduction to game theory, the study of strategic behavior, when parties have opposed, mixed or similar interests.  Students will learn an organized and systematic way of thinking about decision making and problem solving, enabling them to recognize and model strategic situations and evaluate how one's actions will influence the decisions and outcomes of others.  This analysis will be applied in a variety of contexts, most notably economics and business, but also politics, international relations, evolutionary biology and everyday life. Topics will include sequential and simultaneous move games, pure and mixed strategies, various equilibrium concepts, and repeated games. The course will primarily be lecture based, but in-class interactions (games) will make up a substantial part of the course.

Past courses taught