Frequently Asked Questions

The Sport of Ultimate

1. What is ultimate (the sport)?

Ultimate is a fast-growing team sport that combines the non-stop movement of soccer with the aerial passing of football. The game is played by two 7-player squads with a plastic disc on a field similar in size to soccer. The object of the game is to score points by completing passes in the opponent's end zone. To see some gameplay, check out this video.

2. What teams do we have?

Andover Ultimate usually has boys' varsity and girls' varsity teams. Each season, the teams are determined by the number of players.

3. Is ultimate a cut-sport?

No. Ultimate is a no-cut sport. That being said, we still expect your commitment to the team, just like any other high school sport. (No cut, not no commitment.)

4. Is ultimate a non-contact sport?

Yes, but no. Players are prohibited from intentional tackling and other physical attacks, but players can still block and box-out with their bodies and limbs.

5. Can you get a varsity letter for ultimate?

Yes, players receive official Andover HS varsity letters.

The Season, Practices, and Games

6. When does the season start and end?

Ultimate is a spring sport. Our season goes from the end of April to early June.

We strongly recommend you join us at pre-season practices in January through April so that you get some practice before our annual Andover Invitational tournament, which kicks-off the regular season.

7. When are practices held?

During the season, practices are held Monday through Thursday afternoons from 3:00 to 5:00 PM, except when we have games instead.

In the pre-season (January through April), indoor practices have traditionally been held at the Andover High School Field House (and possibly at a different indoor facility nearby).

To get updates about pre-season practices, make sure you are on the email list (scroll down to Email List section) and/or a member of the Facebook group.

8. When do we have games?

Each team typically has one or two games per week, from Monday through Thursday.

Additionally, all teams traditionally participate in up to three weekend tournaments throughout the season. Details for these tournaments vary, so please join our email list and Facebook group to be informed.

Didn't answer your question? Contact us at andover.ultimate@gmail.com.