Women in AMIA Leadership Program

November 14-15, 2019 - Washington, DC

February 6-7, 2020 - Tempe, AZ

May 14-15, 2020 - Salt Lake City, UT

“Any society that fails to harness the energy and creativity of its women is at a huge disadvantage in the modern world.” Tian Wei CCTV

“I’m not the woman president of Harvard, I’m the president of Harvard.” Drew Gilpin Faust, Harvard

“If Nigerian women had the same opportunities as men, they could drive GDP up by $13.9 billion.” Njideka Harry, CEO Youth for Technology Foundation

Imagine what our full innovation potential could be if we tapped into the wisdom, perspectives and critical thinking of the entire human experience. At the Women in AMIA (WIA) Leadership Program, we want to discover how wide and far that innovation potential can be expanded by developing the next several generations of women leaders in health informatics.

We are accepting 25 women participants from across the health informatics ecosystem into a seven-month leadership development program. The WIA Leadership Program involves three on-site sessions, three webinars, assigned readings and case studies, virtual monthly coaching, and peer support network meetings.

All you need to apply for the program is a desire to lead yourself, motivation to move a group towards a shared goal, and a yearning to learn.

We are grateful for generous donations from the Huntsman Cancer Foundation and 3M Health Information Systems to help make this inaugural WIA Leadership Program possible, and affordable.

If you have a will to lead, but your institution doesn't have a way to fund your participation, please ask about scholarships. We will find a way!

Come be a part of the first cohort of exciting women leaders and push the boundaries of innovation and possibilities with us.

“Healthcare in the US is an industry where women consumers make 80 percent of buying and usage decisions and represent 65 percent of the workforce – a relatively high share compared to other industries such as financial services (46 percent) or tech (26 percent). Yet despite their influence as customers and the core workforce, they are notably under-represented in the industry's leadership – making up approximately 30 percent of C-suite teams and 13 percent of CEOs. Healthcare, unlike other industries, does not have a “women in healthcare” problem, but a “women in healthcare leadership” problem.”
Oliver Wyman 2019 Research Report


  • August 15, 2019- Call for Applications
  • October 1, 2019 - Application Deadline
  • October 15, 2019 - Selected participants announced
  • November 14-15, 2019 - First in-person session
  • February 6-7, 2020 - Second in-person session
  • May 14-15, 2020- Concluding in-person session

Application Deadline: October 1, 2019

Note: The discount is a reduction in the 2019 fee from the actual cost. We are able to offer this reduction because of generous donations from 3M and the Huntsman Cancer Foundation, through an endowed chair.
Sponsored by

We would like to thank 3M Health Information Systems for their generous sponsorship of the Women in AMIA Leadership Program. 3M Health Information Systems has a long history of investing in and advancing the field of informatics. One of 3M Health Information Systems Division’s objectives for this year is to increase leadership opportunities for women.
We also thank the Huntsman Foundation for funds from an endowed chair at the University of Utah.
Thanks to our personal donors who helped fund travel scholarships for women without institutional support: Mike and Barb Becich, Arlene Anschel, and Wendy Chapman.

Email us for any questions: womenlead2019@gmail.com