Ar.Taha Padrawala

Architect, City Designer & Academician

Bachelor of Architecture (College of Architecture, S.V.I.T., Vasad),

Master of Planning (C.E.P.T., University, Ahmedabad)


Taha, heads the conceptual design function of the practice.

He approaches people, architecture and the environment as interlinking identities underpinned by the assumption that if a building logically belongs in its ecology, both environment and social, then the people that use that Architecture will feel they belong there.

He is a vivid architectural storyteller with a passion for contextual history and mythology and is a great advocate for Architecture that responds to this history, the landscape and sense of Place.

He is currently President of the (SAAA) "S.V.I.T, Architect's Alumni Association" & Assistant Professor at College of Architecture, S.V.I.T., Vasad. He is Associate life Member of Indian Institute of Architects (IIA) & Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID) Vadodara Chapter.

Taha brings the following particular expertise:

  • The design of authentic sense of place
  • Proven ability in managing stakeholder relationships
  • Concept design – planning, spatial, urban design
  • Architectural Resource Consent documentation
  • Sustainability and green building
  • Quality Assurance
  • Development design
  • Material assessment and testing
  • Construction methodology
  • Interdisciplinary consultant coordination and documentation

Er.Amit Shah

Structural Engineer & Academician

Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering)


Masters of engineering (Soil engineering)

(D.D.I.T. ,Gujarat University,Ahmedabad)

Master of Valuation (Real Estate)

(B.V.M. ,Sardar Patel University,V.V.Nagar)

[Senior Structural Consultant] &

[Govt. Regd. Valuer (Real estate)]

Er. Amit Shah takes the role of Project Lead for projects of varying size and complexity, from boutique retail fit-out, residential, and multi residential/commercial projects. His skills range across Concept and Developed Design, Design oversight throughout detail development and he has a special interest in materiality and pattern language.

He brings to the project the following particular expertise:

  • Architectural Resource Consent documentation
  • Development design
  • Detailed Design
  • Material assessment and testing
  • Structural concept design
  • Construction methodology
  • Interdisciplinary consultant coordination and documentation

Project TEAM

As a team united by architectural innovation, we bring our diverse expertise together to form a collaborative working environment.

A broad range of disciplines support our architectural work; including resource management strategies, model making and digital technologies, landscape architecture, sustainable design initiatives, urban planning and interior design. Our Project team include a mix of new graduates and experienced architects who have been at Al-Taha Architects for over many years.

The team structure has relatively few layers of hierarchy with the whole team contributing to the design process.