ALMA WS for Nearby Galaxies: Science and Techniques

Date: Feb. 28 (Thu) - Mar. 1 (Fri) , 2019,

Venue: NAOJ (Instrument Development Building No.3, Mitaka campus)


It has been almost two years since the last ALMA WS dedicated to nearby galaxies (focused on M83). Since then, a number of ALMA projects on nearby galaxies have begun and/or have been in progress, including two large projects (ALCHEMI and PHANGS), and regular, but relatively large projects, such as the large-mosaic mapping of M83, ACA imaging of the Fornax members and merger galaxies. Many PIs have also received ALMA data from cycles 5 and 6 and started working on them.

Given this situation, the organizers think that it is a good moment to have a new ALMA WS so that researchers working on nearby galaxies can share their most recent science results, technical issues, and tips related to data reduction and analysis. The information will also be useful for the preparation of future projects.


The 2-day WS will have two sessions:

1. Science: Summary of recent progress of major projects targeting nearby galaxies and discussion for future studies.

    • normal spiral galaxies, starbursts, and mergers
    • spatial resolution (from ~10 pc to ~1 kpc)
    • spectral lines (from CO alone to line surveys)

Gathering all the information will help us identify the parameter space that has not been explored yet, and kick off ideas for the next cycle.

2. Techniques: Key techniques and issues for data reduction and analysis.

    • ALMA calibration and imaging techniques
    • combining interferometer and single dish data (12m+7m+TP)
    • useful tools for data analysis

Given that the ALMA systems have matured over the past few years, the WS will be a good opportunity to digest our past experiences, and help improve/expand the scientific output of ongoing ALMA projects.

This WS is supported by the “ALMA-J Workshop” funding offered by the NAOJ ALMA Project.