Below you'll find a whole range of resources from visuals for your walls to things that can be used in your teaching environment to support and enhance teaching and learning.

Non-Participant Task Cards - as a physical education teacher there are times when students forget to bring their uniform or they're ill or injured. I decided to create the task cards below so that students who aren't partaking physically in the lesson can still be involved and make connections during the class. The task cards are based around the Approaches to Learning skills from the Enhanced PYP (social, communication, thinking, self-management, and research skills). Each task card has 5 options to complete for each skill (I have students select 1 option to complete during the class). The great thing about the tasks is that they have links to other skills outside of physical education such as literacy and maths.

What I have done for for our department is set up non-participant P.E tubs that have the sets of task cards, writing books, spare paper, writing and coloured pencils, markers etc so that students know where to find the work and can leave their work behind (neatly) after the lesson.

Non-Participant Task Cards..pdf

Learner Profiles in PE - The Learner Profiles are another key component of the PYP program, student growth/development and the inquiry process itself. The Learner Profiles below align with physical education, and also the world around us, so that students make those important connections. I believe it's important that the learner profiles are always visible where possible.

Learner Profiles in PE.pdf

Expectations, Sportsmanship, Benefits and What happens to our body - There's a lot of different aspects to physical education and we need to remember that PE isn't sport. Below you'll find a range of displays that cover expectations of students and teachers when in class, what good sportsmanship looks like, and the benefits of physical education which cover physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. I will be adding more items that link to healthy eating etc to this section over time, so keep an eye out.

Physical Education Expectations.pdf
Displaying Sportsmanship IN Physical Eduaction.pdf
What Happens to our body during exercise..pdf
Why Physical Education..pdf

It would be great to see these visuals up and around your teaching space and also your students using any of them. If you use them be sure to send me a picture on Twitter @PhysEdder