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About Us

Allison Printing Services was established after we were taken advantage of by a local printer. We didn't want what happened to us to happen to anyone else. Allison Printing Services has pledged to always do our best to be the local, honest printer you can trust!  

Saddle Stitch Booklets

One of the most well-recognized ways of binding booklets, saddle stitch booklets allow for plenty of space for all your needs. 

Stapled booklets are the most economical way to bind multiple pages together. This makes saddle stitch booklets ideal for high-volume, short-term use material such as calendars, newsletters, student publications and more. 


Printed brochures are one of the most ubiquitous forms of print collateral. Regardless of your industry, chances are that brochure printing makes up at least part of your marketing budget.  

We offer 7 different types of brochures, including tri-fold, z fold, half fold, half and letter fold, gate fold, double parallel fold, and half and half fold. Examples of these may be accessed here

Color Copies

Print high-quality color copies affordably at any quantity with digital color printing. Order color copies in high volumes for the best bulk copy prices, with cheap color copies as low as 5¢ each. 

Business Cards

Full color business cards are a great way to make a lasting impression on current and future clients. Whether you are looking for single or double sided cards we can meet all of your business card printing needs. 

Perfect Bound Books

Perfect bound book printing gives you a high-quality booklet at an affordable price. Perfect binding secures pages into the spine of the cardstock cover with a heavy-duty binding glue. This binding allows printing on the book's spine, which is ideal for display on bookshelves and retail racks.

Sometimes called softcover or paperback books, perfect bound booklets strike an ideal balance between price and professionalism. 

Spiral Bound Books and Notebooks

Spiral bound books offer the best balance of affordability, durability and professionalism. Spiral binding is popular for custom planners, workbooks, training books, or any project where the reader will be flipping pages around the back 360°.

EDDM Postcards

Postcard printing is a powerful marketing tool for any organization. 

Mail to every address in your area without spending a fortune. Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM) for postcards and booklets gives you the power of a bulk mail campaign at a fraction of the cost. 

Custom Postcards and Invitations

Postcards may be used for marketing, to sell, or as an invitation or save the date for any event! Print custom postcards in bulk for promoting special events, announcing store openings, nonprofit fundraising and more. 


Fold it. Staple it. Mail it. However you need your newsletter printed, we have you covered. We offer 6 different options for your convenience. Examples of these may be viewed here.

Print high-quality newsletters affordably at any quantity with our digital printing service.

Design Services

For those clients who cannot or do not wish to design their products themselves, we offer professional design services for all of our products. 


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