Allentown Archive

Van Kirk Collection

The Allentown Public Library holds an extensive reference collection of books, monographs, personal papers, maps and more that chronicle New Jersey history focusing on local and genealogical materials.   The archive is named the Van Kirk Collection in honor of Bernyce Van Kirk, who served as head librarian from 1969 to 1994.

Allentown has a rich and varied history.  Long-time Allentown resident John Fabiano serves as the executive director of the Monmouth County Historical Commission. He is an avid local history expert who has conducted extensive research on Allentown history.  Below are various items of interest he has compiled over the years.

A number of the articles are reprinted with permission from the Allentown Messenger and the Messenger Press.  Digital copies of the publications can be accessed through for free by patrons who visit the Allentown Library.

76! Poem

A Morning Ride on the Rail

A Notable Family Mansion

A Patriotic Pastor

A Walk to Allentown

Allentown and the Revolution

Allentown Herald

Allentown Post Office in New Home

Allentown Public Library

Allentown Tradesmen

Allentown's Episcopalian's

Allentown's First Public Hall

Allentown's Fourth

Allentown's Hotel

An Old Upper Freehold Village

Andrew Bell's Diary

Battle of Assunpink

Brief History of Allentown

Bruere Family

C.A. Spaulding & Son

Chapel Remodel

Church Street of Old

Corner of Waker and Main

Cubberly Homestead

David Brearley

David Jones

Dr. George Holcombe, Congressman

Early Craftsmen


Ellisdale Road Farm

Family Montgomery

Fire Fighters

From Crosswicks to Cabbagetown

George Middleton

Henry Hankins Civil War Veteran

High Street Allentown

Historic Baptist Church

Historic Market in Imlaystown

The History of Upper Freehold

James Bruere

Jinnie Jackson Waglum

John Bunting and J.W. Jones House

John Bunting House

John Dawes, Inventor at 94

John Henry House

Joseph Clark

Joseph H. West

Large Ice Harvest

Lawrence Family

Local History of Education

Local Indians

M.E. Church Beautified

Maps Carriage Co.

Marines in Panama

Mess 2-22

Messenger on Panama

My Years as Mayor

New County

Newell House

Old Mill History

Old-Time Allentown Butchers

Passing of the Creamery

Patriot Heroes

Physicians of the Past

Presbyterian Church

Presidents Day 2003

Prince Murat

Probasco and Parker Farms


Recrossing at Crosswicks

Revolutionary Soldiers at Ellisdale

Revolutionary War History

Robbins Family History

Rogers Family History

Schank Farm

Shelltown Ellisdale

Some Old-Time Residents

Storm of 1914

Storm's Public Schools

Sugar Making

The Allens of Monmouth County

The Buzby Place

The Earliest Settlers in Allentown

The Lost UT

The Magical Land of Lahaway

The Old Time Farmer

The Robbins Potato Planter

The War Brought Home

Thomas Rodney

Toward the Devil's Half Acre

Upper Freehold in Revolution

Upper Freehold

Way of Peace

When Major Andre Stopped at Allentown

The Wilgus Family