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Tilford is part of the United Benefice of The Parish of the Bourne and the Parish of Tilford.

 The church was consecrated in 1867 and remained an independent church with its own vicar until 1997 when it joined with St Thomas on the Bourne to form the United Benefice of the Bourne and Tilford.  Since the unification, a house for duty priest has occupied the vicarage primarily to provide services to All Saints.  


Reverend Sandy Clarke (Vicar of St Thomas on the Bourne)

                 email: vicar@thebourne.org.uk 

          telephone: 01252 715505

Resident priest at All Saints, Tilford - Vacant (January 2023)



  Sue Small

                 email: susansmall24@googlemail.com

telephone: 01252 782211

Parochial Church Council:- 

     Lay Chairman: Sue Small 

Secretary: Sue Hansford  

Esther Hope

Sean Murray

Rebecca Makemson

Jayne Sylvester

Nicholas Chappell

Sue Small

Bryn Morgan

Penny Bradford


        Charlotte Mathias                  

               email: charlottemathias@outlook.com


       Linda Bell and Andrew Harrap

Verger and Bellringer:- 

    Michael Landry

                                   telephone: 01252 782849

All Age Service Co-ordinator :-

   Rebecca Makemson

                      email:  becca_fcct@hotmail.com

Parish Magazine Editor / Website Contact :-

   Geoff Quick

                      email:  geoffquick@hotmail.com

ASJ and Safeguarding Officer :-

   Jill Murray

                      email:  stwm@mac.com 

                      telephone:  07792 116558 

Church Flowers:- 

    Jane Mathias  

                               telephone:-  01252 719770 

Cleaning Rota:- 

    Sue Small

                 email: susansmall24@gmail.com

          telephone: 01252 782211

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