Hi, I'm Ali, a game programmer who is currently studying at Forsbergs skola in Stockholm.

Unreal Engine Work

Woods Trailer

Wood is a VR oculus Survival game that was developed on Unreal Engine 4. You play as David, who is trying to beat the odds and find a way to get back to his family.
Equipped with only an axe, guitar and fishing rod, you will need to chop wood for a fire to stay warm. You need to rest and eat but you need to keep an eye on your stamina, it’s hard work to gather the resources and make you see if you can survive in the tough environment of the deep forest in Colorado, USA after “the awakening”. 

I worked as a lead Gameplay Programmer with a team of students from my school Forsbergs.
We started the project from scratch and did all the research needed on how to start and make a VR game ourselves. From SDK's needed to how to make it run on Android oculus platform.
I developed everything from the VR movement and grabbing, Wood Chopping, Guitar, and cooking of fishes and a hunger thirst, Stamina status using Gameplay Ability Systems.

On Display

On Display Is a RPG game where you play as a human who has been abducted by aliens from planet Earth in the 60's period. You are set in a five floating islands, and your goal is to escape this zoo/museum . But that's also what the aliens want you to do, cause thats their fun show Fools Escape! 

This project had the whole classes of Game20 on Forsbers Skola working on it Using Unreal Engine 5! We were separated to multiple teams working on different parts of the game for 7 weeks. My Team took care of Locomotion and animations aswell as all gameplay basics and character basics. We have worked with GAS (game ability system) Setting up all essential needs for the character Health, Stamina, Mana. Also Abilities, Damage, Death, and a Level up system and stats.
I have also worked closely with a animator setting up animations and creating blend spaces, different states machines and fixing bugs. AGR Pro Plugin was also implemented.

I have also gained experience of using Jira. Working closely and communicating with designers of what to do and what not to and working together with different teams to make sure everything is smooth and is implemented correctly.
That includes working with GitHub and creating different branches for every epic/task.

Other Unreal engine works

I created a inventory system similar to games like Escape From Tarkov all using Blueprints, where every cube takes space and you can rotate the item and easily change the size of newly added items through blueprint to whatever value you want (3x4). 

Quest System/Dialog

Using only blueprints, I made a simple dialog system with options that have different answers and outcome.


Animations and Offset

Worked on implanting animations and creating montages using blueprints. I created two type of animation group, one for when the player is holding a weapon, and one casual walk. Also directional look to follow the mouse cursor aswell as when aiming a gun. The player can look up and down as all directions.

A simple health bar that highlights in red for a sec when you lose HP

Animation Blueprint


Unity C# Group Projects

Click O Mancer
1 Week

 Click O Mancer was a school project that we worked on as a team on Unity. The goal was to crate a game with gacha mechanics that will reward the player for spending time in the game. In Click O Mancer you click to collect souls and build a zombie army and unlock new skills. I Was engaged in pair programming and creating the skills and other mechanics. 

Game Trailer

1 Week

ARPG Game Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal is a top down ARPG game that was a team project on Unity.  There are multiple levels that you have to fight your way through and survive to make it to the final boss fight using your skills. I helped with pair programming with C#, aswell as creating the teleport system and UI of the teleporting gate and loading screen.

Game Trailer

 Solo Projects

Space Assault

Space Assualt is a simple game where you play as a space fighter that flies around and fights the invaders. The flying is scripted and the player cannot control it, but you are able to move in all direction to dodge objects and enemy space ship aswell as fire. This solo project was made in Unity using C# code in my free time. 

Get in touch at [aliserzad@gmail.com] / 0704764843