About me

I'm a junior game developer with an eye to art that is ambitious and creative and loves to take on challenges and improve on myself and my programming skills.

I'm currently studying game development at Forsberg's Skola in Sweden and have worked on 3 games in group projects and other solo projects.

My interest currently lies in Unreal Engine and Visual Scripting with blueprints and C++. But have experience with C# and Unity as I worked most of my projects on them.

Gaming has been a big part of my life, and so I chose to be a developer to express my creativity and share the joy of making games. I'm a calm person that likes to spend time writing stories beside gaming, and in creating games I can also share my stories. I also appreciate art a lot in many form as 3D modeling or directing or even concept art and it craves me to learn more about it. My major goal in this career is to become a creative director.


[2020] - [2022]

[Forsberg's Skola]