Cover Letter


Parachute Studios (Newbury Berkshire)

  • This is a primarily 3D animation company located in my home town of Newbury Berkshire, however they do offer some positions in 2D and stop motion animation. As far as convenience goes and cost in travel there are no other animation companies easier to get to than this.
  • Parachute Studios has worked for companies such as the BBC, Universal Pictures, Honeywell , Unilever, Studio Canel and the Royal Air Force in tv, film and advertising.
  • Although Parachute studios offers some employment in 2D the focus on 3D effect animation will pose an issue since I do not have experience in CGI animation.

Breakfast of Champions (29 Great Queen Street, London)

  • Although employment here would require a great deal of traveling or moving to London it does seem to offer more roles in 2D, hand drawn and character animation specifically.
  • The catalogue of work produced by this company seems to apply to my skill sets so much more than the examples of work by Parachute Studios which mostly consisted of 3D effect work, something I have no current experience or interest in. Once dominating the animation industry in recent years (after the invention of digital animation) 2D animation as a whole has become less popular. Films and advertisements seem to prefer the clean cut realism that can only be created in CGI over a more personal hand drawn aesthetic. For this reason employment in a company that still heavily relies on 2D and hand drawn animation is essential to my success in the industry.
  • his animation studio does not appear to be actively seeking employment, therefore if I intend to send a cover letter here I must offer them a quality they do not currently have/ a quality of animation that

Attack Animation (Kent):

  • This is another example of an animation company that offers employment in all forms of animation. Attack animation has worked for high profile clients such as Specsavers, ITV and the science museum.
  • Portfolio - From the dawn of it’s creation Rumpus has built a reputation for making bold, distinctive moving pictures full of fun. Working across platforms, both independently and in collaboration, Rumpus devote themselves to ideas, taking them from initial concept through to design and animation. Whatever the weather Rumpus creates vivid, memorable content, characterized with love.

Rumpus Animation: Bristol

  • Rumpus animation showcase a variety of work in 2D which really suits my preferred method of working.
  • They have worked for a variety of different clients including Virgin Media, Cystic Fibrosis Trust and Nick Junior as well as on many of their own projects.
  • Generally they appear to be very approachable
  • Contacts -


Mobile: 07969 191 516

Office: 0117 9118 586

Although each of these companies have a different approach in animation I believe that, although my skill set is limited I have something to offer each of them. Though I only really have experience hand drawn animation (with limited experience in other handmade approaches such as stop motion) my skills in this specific aria and my understanding of timing in animation and other techniques are developed enough to be valuable.

My preferred style of animation/ the way I design and move characters are admittedly generic, however this way of working is very commercially marketable.

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