CV Examples

What to include -

  1. list off skills: It is important in any creative CV to write about talents and skills that would be valuable to the job role being applied to. Although this can be written as a literal list it is usually a better approach to write a short paragraph clearly but briefly explaining these skills. Skills like the ability to work within a time line, to a specific brief, technical skills, drawing skills and understanding of techniques in animation should be applicable to any job in animation though it is good practice to craft CVs to appeal to the specific role being applied to.
  2. Education: Although it is not entirely necessary to present a list of grades it would be useful to explain what work has been achieved during education. Not everything will be necessary here, mainly only subjects that relate to animation (animation and creative subjects such as illustration and art).
  3. Portfolio of work: Go into some detail about work produced at university. Mention things such as the final film as well as working for real clients such as Beat and ().
  4. Contact Information: Contact information such as Email address, mobile phone number, home phone number and post code and address should be included on any CV. The more means of contact potential employers the better.
  5. References:
  6. Objective: Many of the CV's I've looked at had objectives. Objectives are basically a description of ehat the applicant hopes to amount to in the industry. Having an objective shows initiative, passion and a commitment to the role as well as giving a sense of direction.

CV First Draft

Both these CV's are far too barren. To improve I should write about my skills and talent in animation. As it is at the moment this CV does not sell me as an animator because it is un-engaging and very basic.

This CV example is better although I still need to include information on grades and qualifications in school, six form and the first years of University. It has also been brought to my attention that the aesthetics of this CV are still rather dull and corporate looking due to the grey colours and lack of personality. Ideally a CV applying for a job in any creative media should be eye catching and engaging. Although I have tried to imply creativity by using pencil a the background the grey colours are dull and does not reflect my personality well. To improve this CV should reflect my personality better. It may be good to use more colours and to include an illustration of a character so the CV gives a better representation of myself.

Updated Design:

The pencil design looks too dull. The use of gray will not capture the eye of any potential employers and the design is uninspired. I have created a new background using paint splatters then editing the opacity, exposure and contrast so the design is more subtle. The use of paint splatters implies I am a creative type and the design is far more intriguing. I have also added an image of the character from my business card (and a short film I am in the process of making) to apply more of my personality to the design.