About Me

I am a Digital Nomad.

I help raise money for kids at (and awareness for) Children's Miracle Network Hospitals via Extra Life.

I have live-streamed game development for charity on Extra Life's Twitch channel.

I am involved in a community of medical professionals who advocate for mental and physical well-being in the industry.

I sometimes write articles for those medical professionals, and other times I write for myself.

I started an organization where friends and artists could release their artistic works.

I even released a song of my own through this organization.

I maintain a pretty big video game collection. Here's what's currently at the top of my play list.

I enjoy movies so much I used to have a podcast about them (and other pop culture media).

I have built, and am continuing to build, indie games (when I'm not working).

I dabble in photography and graphic design.

I have tried my hand at coding, a couple of times now. More to come on that!

I studied abroad in Japan when I was in college.

I always have pet projects on my desk (the kind you start and eventually finish).