Pet Projects

Pachinko Restoration

October 2019 - Today

I am restoring a 1975 Super Deluxe Nishijin pachinko machine. It's still in the early stages, but I'm hoping to record some of the restoration process and log it in a blog post format! Stay tuned for more on this project.

The Howl

April 2019 - June 2019

A combination weekly entertainment recommendation newsletter and review site, The Howl features curated content including music, film, television, video games, podcasts, comedy and more. To learn more, you can visit

Pine Forest Pens

November 2013 - April 2015

For a time in college I took ordered for custom hand-made wooden writing pens. I'd manage the website, catalog, ordering of inventory, creation and shipment of the pens (because I was the only one who worked on the project). Pine Forest Pens as a company is currently on hiatus, I may return to it once I have space and equipment to start up again.

Shoe Shining

January 2014 - September 2014

I'd always been interested in the trade, but had never had a chance to try it. Until a friend of mine told me a that cool barber in my town was looking for a shoe shiner. I was immediately on board. I got right to work getting my supplies and setting up shop. I got to have great conversations with the regulars and I even made a few bucks along the way. There are worse ways to spend an afternoon.

Two Guys Talking/Pop Culture Jukebox

September 2014 - April 2016

My friend Ryan and I decided we'd join up with our university radio station for a variety comedy podcast about media (and whatever guest was on that week). What we created is available - in it's entirety - for your listening pleasure below: