Alexandra Rodney

Sociology PhD (University of Toronto, 2017)

Former Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Guelph, Advancing the Status of Women at the University of Guelph

Latest News:

  • 2020 Update: I'm no longer working in the academic sector. Links to all of my publications can be found on the Writing page (linked at the top of this homepage)

  • Materials from my workshop with Richard Prosser on experiential learning can be found here (presented at University of Guelph's Perspectives on Experiential Learning conference in April 2019)

  • My latest paper "The rise of the blogspert: biopedagogy, self-knowledge, and lay expertise on women’s healthy living blogs" in Social Theory & Health is now available for reading online at this link. This paper reveals how blogs function as teaching tools about health and answers the question of how everyday women are able to position themselves as health experts on blogs.

  • Thank you to SSHRC for awarding me a 2019 Postdoctoral Fellowship to study women's leadership in food security organizations. Read more about that project here.

  • Thank you to SSHRC for awarding us a 2019 Connection Grant (with co-applicants Belinda Leach, Gwen Chapman and Samantha Brennan) to host a workshop on inclusivity in universities. Read more about that project here.

  • Thank you to CAIS for awarding us a 2019-2020 School Innovation Grant (with co-applicant Richard Prosser) to study how high school students develop leadership competencies. Read more about that project here.

  • New article out in Social Science & Medicine: "Pathogenic or health-promoting: How food is framed in healthy-living media for women" (free download)

  • I'll be presenting as a plenary speaker at the Eighth International Conference on Food Studies in Vancouver, BC on October 25-26th, 2018. The conference has a special focus on digital food cultures.

  • Our profile of the University of Toronto's Innovation Hub is in the new issue of Communique (co-authored with Julia Smeed, Heather Kelly and David Newman). We describe how new university services can be designed with students, based on a understanding their needs, using design thinking methodology.

  • Read my latest article, "Teaching Food Insecurity: The Social Assistance Food Budget Challenge" in the Graduate Journal of Food Studies

  • New article, "Disrupting Power Norms to Empower Students: Four Perspectives," in Communique, the journal of the Canadian Association of College and University Student Services, written with Jacqueline Beaulieu, Margaryta Ignatenko and Julia Smeed.

  • New work in Food, Culture and Society, "The Online Domestic Goddess: An Analysis of Food Blog Femininities," coauthored with Sarah Cappeliez, Merin Oleschuk and Josée Johnston

  • Blog post by Dr. Josée Johnston: "Hats off to Dr. Alexandra Rodney!"