Hi, I'm Alex, 

Communication Strategist

from Boston, MA. 

Welcome to my lecturing page!

Alex will teach you how to recognize modern propaganda, how to increase your media literacy and defend yourself and your institution against online attacks

Alex is a recognized authority in communication strategy, crisis communication, a sought-after seminar leader and workshop facilitator, works with wide audience from academic level to public library visitors. More about her.


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Lecturing program 2023/2024

Public lectures

Propaganda for aspiring villains / a funny lesson about propaganda

1-2 hours lectures with Q+A , 12 lessons module

An entertaining and educative lesson for those who want to understand how propaganda is created

How to stay sane in the age of digital hate - lessons on digital literacy

1-2 hours lectures with Q+A, 12 lessons module

First Aid for those who lost their friends and family members to radicalization propaganda

Academic lectures

Introduction to malign forms of propaganda past and present 

1-2 hours lectures with Q+A , 12 lessons module

History and milestones of communication paradigm change, from ancient China to Cambridge Analytica

Information Warfare during Cold war and today

1-2 hours lectures with Q+A , 12 lessons module

Comparative studies on parallels and differences between two ages of information subversion

For Schools

What happens to our brain on social media

45 min. 1 lecture with Q+A 

Anyone who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”  Voltaire