Ph.D. in Linguistics (Theory of Language), Tomsk State University


M.A. in Cognitive Linguistics, Tomsk State University


Translator of German Language, Tomsk State University


B.A. in Philology, Tomsk State University

Further Trainings and Workshops


  • Introduction to ERPs (workshop organized by the collaborative research center "Limits of Variability in Language", University of Potsdam, April 2022)

  • Data Documentation in Psychology Using DataWiz (workshop, University of Potsdam, March 2022)

  • Freedom and Justice: Representing Abstract Concepts (seminar on computational modeling, University of Potsdam, 2021/22, attendance)

  • 2nd Online Cognitive and Affective Neurophysiology Summer School: Acquisition, processing, and analysis of EEG signal (organized by the Laboratory of Neuropsychophysiology, University of Porto, online, 2021)

  • Reproducibility in Scientific Publications (Potsdam Graduate School, February 2021)

  • New/Fresh Perspectives on Abstract Concepts (BALLAB & TRAINCREASE Symposium, March 15-17 2021)

  • Learning from Humanoid AI: Motivational, Social & Cognitive Perspectives (International workshop, 30 November - 1 December 2019)

  • Brain Dynamics of Cognitive and Affective Processes: Basic Principles and Application of the EEG (seminar, University of Potsdam, 2019, attendance)

  • The semantics and pragmatics of gradable adjectives: Integrating perspectives from linguistic theory, psycholinguistics and modeling (XPrag-ADJ19) (Cologne, Germany, 2019)

  • Cross-domain semantic priming – language and arithmetic (International workshop, Potsdam, 16-17 November 2018)

  • Summer School “Infant Studies On Language Development in Europe (ISOLDE)” (Potsdam, Germany, 11-15 June 2018)

  • IMPRS Conference: Interdisciplinary Approaches in the Language Sciences (International Max Planck Research School for Language Sciences, Nijmegen, Netherlands, 5-7 June 2018)

  • 60th Conference of Experimental Psychologists TeaP 2018 (Marburg, Germany, 11-14 March 2018)

  • AI Love You: Developments in Human-Robot Intimate Relationships (International workshop, Potsdam, 8 December 2017)

  • 20th Conference of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology (ESCoP) (Potsdam, 3-6 September 2017)

  • Cognitive Science – Embodied Cognition (lecture and seminar, University of Potsdam, 2016-2017, attendance)

  • Abstract Concepts: Structure, Processing and Modeling (Amsterdam, Netherlands, November 18th 2016)

  • Einstein Center for Neurosciences Berlin - Opening Symposium (Berlin, Germany, Dec 8-10, 2016)

Scientific management and communication

  • Grant proposal writing (networking workshop for PhDs and postdocs organized by the research focus Cognitive Sciences, University of Potsdam, April 2022)

  • Rights and obligations of a (tenure track) professorship [Rechte & Pflichten einer (Qualifizierungs-) Professur] (Potsdam Graduate School, 2021)

  • Micropolitics in Science [Haifischbecken und Goldfischteiche – Mikropolitik in der Wissenschaft] (Career Talk, Potsdam Graduate School, 2021)

  • Career navigation – Klarheit der Frage: Was will ich und wie komme ich dorthin? (Career strategies: What do I want and how do I get there?, Potsdam Graduate School, November 2021)

  • Karrierestrategien und Laufbahnplanung (Career strategies and career planning, Potsdam Graduate School, November 2021)

  • From PhD to Innovator (Young Entrepreneurs in Science and UP Transfer workshop, November 2021)

  • Tenure-Track-Abende 2021 (Tenure Track Evenings 2021, October 2021)

  • Von der Idee zum Geschäftsmodell für Nicht-Ökonom*innen (From the idea to the business model for non-economists, Potsdam Transfer, 2021)

  • Medientraining (Media Training, Potsdam Graduate School, 2021)

  • Erstes Vorsingen? Bewerben auf Professuren (First Audition? Applying for Professorships, in German, Potsdam Graduate School, 2021)

  • Grant Proposal Writing (Potsdam Graduate School, 2021)

  • Diversity-Kompetenz als Lehr- und Forschungshaltung? Perspektivenvielfalt in der praktischen Umsetzung (Diversity competence as a teaching and research attitude? Variety of perspectives in practical implementation, Career Talk, PoGS, 2021)

  • Führung in der Wissenschaft – So kann es gelingen (Leadership in Science - How It Can Succeed, Potsdam Graduate School, 2021)

  • Agiles Projektmanagement (Agile Project Management, Potsdam Graduate School, 2021)

  • Potential Check (Potsdam Graduate School, October 2020)

  • English for Academics (Potsdam Graduate School, University of Potsdam, 2018)

  • Academic Writing for Publications (Tomsk State University, Russia, 2014)

  • Academic English (Tomsk State University, Russia, 2014)


  • Moodle in educational processes (Tomsk State University, 2016)

  • Development of linguistic competences of a university lecturer (Tomsk State University, Russia, 2015)

Software and statistics

  • Power Analysis (online workshop organized by the Potsdam Embodied Cognition Group, 2021)

  • Programming in MATLAB (seminar, University of Potsdam, 2016-2017, attendance)

  • Statistical methods in Humanities (Tomsk State University, 2015)

  • E-Prime experiment generator program (Tomsk State University, Russia, 2013)

Other trainings

  • Deutsch als Fremdsprache - B2 (German as a foregn language - B2, Volkhochschule Potsdam, Potsdam, Germany, 2019)