Links to resources relevant for Strategy and Innovation research

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SIE - Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship workshop:

REGIS - virtual reading group series focusing on Science, Technology, and Innovation topics:

VIDE - Virtual Digital Economy Seminar:

Data, curated content, courses

Open Innovation Dataset Index:

Platform Papers - Systematic and Interdisciplinary Review of the Literature on Platform Competition by Joost Rietveld and Melissa Schilling:

Causal Inference Youtube course by Ben Elsner:

Logic Mill - linking patents, papers and other text corpora, via Max Planck:

The Job Market in a Pandemic

You can find my commentary on the 2020 job market experience in the video from the SMS Cooperative Strategies IG Virtual Engagement Event "The Job Market During the Pandemic". My slides are below.

Management job market in the times of Covid19