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All Player fee's are due by this Friday January 31st. Please make check or money order out to Alcovy Track and Field. Or to pay online you can go to the Fee's & Payment page.

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REMEMBER TO ALWAYS BRING WARM CLOTHES FOR BEFORE & AFTER WORKOUT. Here's a cheat sheet to help you dress right for your runs, no matter the weather. This chart factors in the 10-Degree Rule (when you're exercising you feel like it's ten degrees warmer) but doesn't account for lots of wind. On those days, dress warmer. Or:


above 70 Lightweight & light colored shirt & shorts

60-69 Tank top or singlet and warm up pants

50-59 Long sleeve T-shirt and warm up pants

40-49 Long sleeve-shirt, tights or shorts, gloves? Hat?

30-39 Long-sleeve shirt and tights, gloves & hat?

20-29 2 upper-body & 1 lower-body layer, gloves & hat

10-19 2 upper-body & 1 lower-body layer, gloves & hat