The physical experience of visiting a business is massively important to customers. Emotional triggers, sights and smells all play a part in the decision to buy. This retail strategy is called visual merchandising, essentially it is maximising the aesthetics of a product with the intent to increase sales.

Visual Merchandising


From window displays to product merchandising, the way you present your products has a big impact on our cognitive load as shoppers this in turn influences our decision to buy or not to buy.

Intuitive Environments


Ever walked into a shop and even before you see the products you've known instantly that it wasn't for you? We've all done it. We'll work with you to find a creative solution that'll intuitively promote both dwell time and UPT.

60 minute makeover


Take your shop from zero to hero with a 60 minute shop floor consultation. We'll provide you with lots of cheap and easy ideas to supercharge the look and feel of your retail environment inside of an hour!

Think visual merchandising is nothing but smoke and mirrors?

Done well, it can create awareness while simultaneously increasing brand loyalty. Most importantly, it can draw customers in and close the sale – all based on the aesthetic quality of your retail display. Read more about the benefits of great look stores here.